• I watched my father fuck your God to death.
  • Hush. Hush...
  • There you go, sweet mother.
  • Mmmmmhhh.
  • Take her home.
  • I want to share my love with the father.
  • God doesn't love you. Not like I do.
  • Yes, my love? Ah. We have mother.
  • I think I'll see you again.
  • We are creatures of appetite. I want to feel your hunger.
  • I want to see your true face.
  • Your seed will burn this world.
  • I welcome our infant Lord, naked, hiding nothing.
  • I lay down this mask... I show my true face.
  • Show me. Show me... your true face!
  • Help me make this right.
  • He has come. The fruit of your lust.
  • Your child. Your father.
  • The Christ we deserve. Watch.
  • Ah... Generous of you, Blake.
  • I have... so much... pleasure to share with you.
  • Strange... Pale fruit.
  • You're going... to love me.
  • Papa always liked me best, Papa always liked me best.
  • Papa... papa always liked me best, Papa.. papa always liked... liked me best... pap-.

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