• OneElitist

    In the beginning of Outlast: Whistleblower, Waylon sends the email to Miles. After debugging an Error Code 16 at the Morphogenic Engine (also seeing Eddie Gluskin being forced into the spheres and experimented on), Waylon is ambushed by Jeremy Blaire and 3 guards. Blaire orders the guards to knock Waylon unconscious with a punch, the butt of a gun and a kicks. Roughly 2 hours later, he is forced to watch the Morphogenic Engine, also being tortured by Andrew, a scientist.

    An unknown amount of time later, Billy Hope takes control of the Walrider and began slaughtering the staff. In the chaos, many of the patients including Waylon escape, adding to the chaos.

    Security forces were unable to quell the attacks and so the first Murkoff Tactical Div…

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