(Just a heads up, the title is just a joke)

This blog is pretty useless but I just realized how similar Outlast is to the SCP Foundation, a 2008 creative-fiction site about this shady research agency that contains abominations (sound familiar?). It was popularized by a fan-made game adaption, SCP - Containment Breach. Like, REALLY similar. Most of you probably don't know what SCP is to begin with, so the secondary goal of this blog is to advertise a bit.

The similarities are so constant and huge I'm almost positive Outlast is slightly based off SCP. What's funny is that Outlast's developers are in cahoots with Amnesia's developers, and Amnesia's developers are huge fans of SCP and are currently making a game based off it (SOMA). Wouldn't be surprised if the Amnesia dudes introduced SCP to the Outlast dudes.

Similarities between the SCP Foundation and the Murkoff Corporation

  • They're both enigmatic research organizations
  • They're both known by the public but only as a front-organization (the Foundation is portrayed in a variety of different innocent ways by the public, Murkoff is portrayed as an innocent psychiatric network)
  • They're both composed of extremely intelligent scientists and security guards
  • They both have their own private military (Foundation has the Mobile Task Force, Murkoff has their tactical teams)
  • They both dedicate their existence to the containment and experimentation of abominations of nature (Foundation has aliens, supernatural entities, paranormal artifacts, etc, Murkoff has Variants)
  • They both contain black, malignant humanoids that have the power of gods as in they can kill anyone in any way and cannot be killed themselves (Murkoff has the Walrider, Foundation has SCP-106)
  • They both suffer a disastrous containment breach
  • They're both leaning towards the evil side. The Foundation is neutral but they try to be as passive as they possibly can (thing is, they can't), while Murkoff is downright villainous.
  • They both get criminals/criminally insane people and put them in orange jumpsuits before demoting them to abused, human filth to be experimented on/with. (Murkoff has the variants, Foundation has Class-Ds) The Foundation also sniff out traitors and make them Class-Ds, just like what Murkoff does.

Similarities between SCP- Containment Breach and Outlast/Whistleblower

  • You play as this "human filth" in their games (you play as Waylon in Whistleblower and you play as D-9341 in Containment Breach)
  • You get hunted down by SCP-106/Walrider several times, and the climax heavily involves SCP-106/Walrider.
  • You play in a bright, clean research facility with clinical halls and automatic metal doors.
  • You also place in a large system of dark, grungy, circular tunnels.
  • After hours of trudging through the darknes, you finally emerge to see the beautiful light of day outside (in Whistleblower)

Visual similarities

Broken Airlock in UL