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    (Just a heads up, the title is just a joke)

    This blog is pretty useless but I just realized how similar Outlast is to the SCP Foundation, a 2008 creative-fiction site about this shady research agency that contains abominations (sound familiar?). It was popularized by a fan-made game adaption, SCP - Containment Breach. Like, REALLY similar. Most of you probably don't know what SCP is to begin with, so the secondary goal of this blog is to advertise a bit.

    The similarities are so constant and huge I'm almost positive Outlast is slightly based off SCP. What's funny is that Outlast's developers are in cahoots with Amnesia's developers, and Amnesia's developers are huge fans of SCP and are currently making a game based off it (SOMA). Wouldn't be sur…

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  • Fireworks888

    Outlast timeline

    February 1, 2015 by Fireworks888

    I love the way Outlast corrosponds with Whistleblower, so I decided to do a timeline detailing just how exactly the timeline works. Please note this is just based off educated guesses and is not official, just how I think the timeline works.

    Whistleblower: Underground Lab: Unknown (x) time. Waylon sends an email to Miles and does his engineer job for 5 minutes before being caught.

    Whistleblower: Hospital: x + 2 hours. Waylon is put into the Morphogenic Program and the slaughter begins.

    Whistleblower: Hospital: x + 2 hours + 50 minutes. Now, this is just a realistic educated guess on how long Waylon spent in the hospital, but I believe he spent around 50 minutes before escaping.

    Whistleblower: Recreation Area: Above time at night. Now we now it…

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  • Fireworks888

    Amateur Outlast review

    December 12, 2014 by Fireworks888

    Outlast. I'd talk about it and introduce it but I really don't need to, seeing how this wiki is solely dedicated to it. I like criticizing horror games, even though I'm no where near a good critic, and it's on topic so I decided to make a blog about said criticism. You'll notice that the con section is much bigger and more detailed than the pro section, letting on that I think Outlast is a bad game. That's not true, I genuinely find it a fun horror game, it just simply has more flaws than perfections that I enjoy discussing. Please post your own thoughts and say why or why not you agree with my points.

    The plot is actually really original. Reporter investigating asylum? Corrupt government organization performing illegal experiments? Very cl…

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