Towers of Metal is a document found in Outlast 2.

It is located in a small cave that is reached by going along a path just to the right of the raft and the "HELP" sign in The Lake.


DOC RV SecretDoc

"Rev. Knoth-

I will not be returning from my hunting trip for several weeks and so hope Paul reaches you with this letter more swiftly.

Checking the traps on the far side of mountain, approx. 5 miles beyond the mines, I spotted metal towers among the tallest trees. They appeared to be camouflaged but poorly by oddly symmetrical leaves.

I attempted to hike to the base of the towers, thinking I could find out what they were for or at least who built them. But I don't expect I got much more than I mile in their direction before I was overcome with waking dreams as of a power I had never before experienced. I saw things I cannot describe. There were flames and insects and what may have been mouths and may have been sex organs.

I must have walked from inside my dream state because I found myself on waking a great distance away, and have not been able to trace my steps back to those humming towers.

There were other, less dignified responses in my physic which I cannot put down on paper for embarrassment. Maybe I will be able to tell them to you in private upon my return to Temple Gate.

- John"