To Marta, My Avenging Angel is a document in Outlast 2.

Immediately after obtaining the hook in the slaughterhouse in The Road to the Mine, this document can be picked up by jumping into the meat railing room where the hook is obtained.


DOC VS3 MartaSlaughterHouse


My best beloved, my hound, my avenging angel. Val has betrayed Temple Gate. Has betrayed God. Has betrayed me. Look deep into the heart of all you hate and make it violence to punish that festering apostate pigfuck. Val must suffer and beg for forgiveness that you deny. Val must die in the darkness utterly devoid of God's love. All who have joined Val must die begging for mercy you have purged from your heart. Let God be merciful, you will be only wrath. Papa loves you, God forgives you.



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