Tiffany Hope is the mother of William Hope.


Not much is known about Tiffany Hope's life before the events at Mount Massive Asylum other than she was offered a large sum of money from Murkoff to transfer the custody of her son over .


After Waylon Park uploaded his recording of the events at Mount Massive Asylum, Murkoff Insurance Mitigation Officers Paul Marion & Pauline Glick went to Nathrop, Colorado to speak with Tiffany about Miles Upshur and Billy. She said she didn't know Miles and hasn't seen her son since he was taken to Mount Massive Asylum.

An unknown man walked into her home. Inside, they started arguing and in the end, the man slapped Tiffany and went to his car, where Billy's Walrider dismembered the man.

After this, the Murkoff Company decided to destroy the Walrider by exploding the caravan she lived in. Paul Marion & Pauline Glick went to talk with her again, sure that Billy is near. Pauline Glick started to talk about her background, about how she got the money to buy the expensive Swarovski figurines. Suddenly, the Walrider appeared and dismembered the mother.