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    16:22, December 20, 2017

    In a third-person view of the game, Miles can be seen.. Without a head.

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    • Well, that's something normal.

      Miles, Waylon and Blake have no head because it would block the first person view, besides that, you're not supposed to see him, so it's not necessary to model a head.

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    • To add onto that, the only time you see their bodies in "third person" is when they're decapitated. So that's why there's a bloody neck stump to boot. 

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    • Yeah, I forgot that one.

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    • They did this mainly to save time and resources, which they were already short on with the development of the original game. There was no need for a head model to exist as it would be obscured by the first person view and the only time you'd see his entire model would be during his death scenes; examples include Trager's decapitation and Walker tearing off Upshur's head.

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    • Makes perfect sense.

      Come to think about it, there was a head model in his character model Gallery. Kinda explains why his shadow looks like he has a head.

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    • It's a hidden head model in order for him to cast a full shadow. In Whistleblower, the bust is fused with his torso to form a whole character model, which you see at the end of the DLC, albeit it's enveloped by the Walrider's swarm.

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