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    23:59, June 15, 2017

    What causes blake to move faster when you run with him? Sometime he runs similar to miles and waylon, and sometimes he sprints going twice as fast as them. It almost seems random to me? Any thoughts/ explanations?

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    • Gameplay and control-wise, when you start running as Blake, your speed will gradually increase up to the point where he starts sprinting very quickly, then he'll gradually slow down and become exhausted.

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    • Ahh, but in some chase sequences, such as in the sub chapter King of the Hill in Judges, the last chase sequence where you call up the elevator has you starting off at full sprint, then cycles according to what you just said.

      In other chase sequences, such as the murder before suicide school chase, Blake almost never hits full speed, and for the majority of it seems to run as fast as miles/waylon. 

      Anyways, for generalities you are absolutely right, there is a ramp up and ramp down speed with Blake's running. I'm just still unsure as to why there are some of these special cases during chase sequences.

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