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    14:55, May 19, 2017

    Guys! The issue 5 is up!

    You can read it here!

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    • Without spoiling much, it brings some answers regarding "Jane Doe" and the subplot of Outlast 2, but it still puts aside a part of Paul Marion's story before he gives himself up to the FBI. That makes me wonder if they'll do a second comics series, without necessarily making a third game.

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    • So was it Paul Marion's daughter that Marta impaled? Or was that the body that Paul killed being dragged away by Marta to hide the evidence?

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    • Basicly Jane Doe (real name Anne Lee) was killed by Pauline Glick (strangled). When Simon left note saying that Paul's daughter was involved, he was just setting trap for Paul. He intented him to go to Arizona in order to kidnap Alisson for purposes unknown (he has also cut her finger). The body that Marta dragged away was Paul (Ethan's cousin) who was killed by Paul Glick earlier. She wanted both to not leave evidence and get the traitor where he belongs

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    • The whole timeline of the comics is weird, but the last issue takes place two weeks before Outlast 2 since it depicts Jane Doe's murder. After that we don't know what happened to both Marion and Glick, except that the former "sabotaged" Murkoff (same count of arson?), ended up killing 14 persons and kidnapped one.

      I'm betting that he sabotaged whatever facility Murkoff had to control the "experiment" at Temple Gate. In fact, it could well serve as a plot for a DLC if Red Barrels ever make one, and maybe running parallel to Outlast 2's main story, thus explaining the chaos in the end and the sun exploding.

      Honestly I'd really like for Marion and Glick to show up in the game.

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