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    20:41, April 4, 2016

    A number of administrators discussed this a few times before, but never really thought of making a thread up until this point. This short comparison is to see whether or not Richard Trager was possibly inspired by two characters from the 2005 horror movie Hostel. We've heard that Red Barrels has a large collection of various horror movies and have been known to give nods to some of their favorites, so let's give it a shot.

    NOTICE: This thread's content discusses about gore and is not suitable for all audiences. Also, spoilers for Hostel.

    There are two prominent figures from the movie that bear similarities to Richard Trager. One is simply known as The Dutch Businessman (portrayed by Jan Vlasák) who tells one of the torture victims about his failed dream of becoming a surgeon, whilst slowly learning about it through human torture.

    Then there's Johan (portrayed by Petr Janiš) who makes more sense. As you can see in the image, he bares some resemblance to Trager and wields similar tools, excluding the chainsaw. After toying with the protagonist, he slices off two of his fingers.

    Both antagonists work for an unknown group (if I remember correctly) who sell human body parts on the black market. This can also be linked with Trager wanting to sell Miles' severed fingers for profit.

    That's pretty much it as far as I recall. What are your thoughts on this; decent or far fetched? Let us know.

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    • I think it's pretty obvious it was, Outlast's developers are BIG horror fans, and are always quoting classic horror movies on their Facebook page. Almost everything off Outlast can be traced back to a horror movie, and only a few characters were originally thought up. I think there is a movie about a reporter stuck in a castle in the middle of nowhere during a storm, but I forget what it was called; so I might have to look it up.

      While Outlast is amazing, again, a lot of the things in the game are taken off of classic horror films and stories, and I'm sure almost each character is a reference to famous horror film characters. If enough research of the genre was done, you could find movie variants of Chris, Martin or Frank.

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    • I never saw that movie but it definitely seems like it most likely IS a inspiration for Trager.

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