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    22:33, January 9, 2016

    Hello. So, I came across someone's theory on Gluskin in the comment section from RBs facebook, and here's qoute:

    "The story behind Gluskin is that his father and uncle repeatedly brutally raped him and filmed it, so that traumatized him as a child, but his mother loved him. But she was killed by his father, and then his father mutilated young Eddie's genitals, so years later due to the abuse he suffered as a child, Eddie Gluskin has become a horrible murderer of women and is extremely mentally ill, but it's not entirely clear if he even knew that he had ever killed anyone. So when the police caught him, he was deemed insane, and sent to Mount Massive Asylum. There they conducted inhumane experiments on him, and told him that all of the times they raped, beat, tortured, anaewwaed mentally destroyed him were therapy, and that he was cured."

    I replied that nowhere does it say that his father mutilated his genitals. Again, his answer quote:

    "It's referenced in the Eddie Gluskin Progress Report that what his father did to him is a matter of "medical record" and at the beginning of the game we see that Eddie's penis is missing it's head and has a lot of scar tissue around it while he yells at Waylon to expose what's happening at MURKOFF."

    Can anyone confirm this? Cause I'm really confused. Thanks!

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    • This overall theory is in poor taste. Gluskin's past is ambiguous and given the common factors presented behind it can leave anybody to branch out with multiple theories. The only thing the document suggests is that he was molested as a child. No proof of mutilation exists nor has it ever been suggested within the game's lore.

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    • Yeah, I agree. Thanks.

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    • I don't see how not having foreskin is interpreted as mutilation. I'm pretty sure that circumcision wouldn't be a medical practice if it was torture. It all just seems like a cheap way to put things in their place. A basic fan theory, of sorts.

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