The Walrider Delusion is a document in Outlast: Whistleblower.

It is located in a guard tower just after going through the basketball court in the Recreation Area.


The Walrider Desilusion

Subject: re: "Patient" Samul

Kurt, we've got another one, and I'm not sure you're gonna be able to check it off as "Psychopathic Proximity Disorder."

Security guard all the way up in the Admin block is our latest non-patient employee to start seeing Wernicke's fairy tales. He was never directly exposed to the Engine, never even made it below level 1 in the building. It would be an enormous breach of protocol and security if doctors were speaking of the Walrider within hearing of a contracted security guard. And seems vanishingly improbable that he would stumble onto such an obscure mythological story on his own.

It's too similar to the Dr. Samul case, or the others before him. It's one thing for formally sane medical personnel to fall under the delusions of their patients. It's another thing entirely for those beliefs to be... I don't know. Airborne. We need to talk in person.



  • "Formerly sane" is misspelled as "formally sane".