Outlast: Whistleblower

When Waylon walks into the Morphogenic Engine control room.

  • Ah, for fuck's sake. They got Gluskin out of his cell. Page him again, we need this guy in here now. Tell him he's got fifteen seconds to keep his job. Christ...

When Waylon sits at his desk.

  • Park. Finally. Where have you been? The Functional Imaging interface isn't talking to the ASL. We've got a patient thirty seconds out and we're blind inside his head.
  • Colleague: I can call into the chamber, ask them to delay?
  • No. I don't need another performance evaluation. Mr. Park here is going to have us up and running before we even know it. Right, Mr. Park?

Upon noticing Waylon's nervousness.

  • Are we happy, Mr. Park?

Reassuring his colleague that Waylon will get the job done.

  • Colleague: Uh, Steve? fMRI is still dark...
  • You're doubting our friend Mr. Waylon Park. Which I consider more than unkind to his programming skill and considerable dedication to the Murkoff corporation.

Noticing Eddie Gluskin being escorted into the Morphogenic Engine by armed security.

  • Fuck me, they're bringing him in.

Calming Waylon down after the latter was frightened by Eddie.

  • It's all right, agent. Mr. Park was just surprised. I'm sure he's still calm and eager to finish his work. Take your seat.

Hurrying Waylon along with his task.

  • Quickly, Mr. Park. A head will need to roll if perfusion monitoring is not active when they put him in the engine. Five seconds. Four. Three....
  • Colleague: Arterial spin labelling is back online.
  • Hmm. Good then.
  • Colleague: Positioning imaging planes.

After Waylon completes his engineering job.

  • You're finished, Mr. Waylon Park. You can leave. Don't expect anything but honesty in my review of your performance.

Telling Waylon to leave the premises.

  • You're done here, Mr. Park. Thank you and good-bye.
  • Eyes on the floor, one foot in front of the other until you're back in your hole.
  • Walk away, Waylon Park. I was sick of you being here, even when you were useful.


  • Shit. Goddamn it! What else could go wrong?
  • Let's get hands on that patient, gentlemen!
  • Agent! Can you make sure Mr. Park here makes his way swiftly to an area more fitting of his pay grade?

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