• "No! Agh, I..."

Outlast: Whistleblower

  • "Who's in there? The hell are you doing?"
  • "Park? They've paged for you 3 times already, there's something urgent down in the engine."
  • "What are you doing down here, anyway? I thought you were just a software guy..."
  • "Go on! They need you at the Morphogenic Engine."
  • "Blaire's gonna put a penny loafer up my ass for taking a whole 3 minutes to find you."
  • "You're Waylon Park, aren't you? Why weren't you answering the page? I'll tell them you're incoming."
  • "Christ, Waylon - hurry up! They're waiting on you."
  • "All right. Comin' down. Take it easy!"
  • "Come on! Hey, relax! Relax!"
  • "Argh! Come on, ya' fuck!"
  • "Get up!"
  • "Ah! God! Goddamn it! Fuck!"
  • "He's loose! Grab him!"
  • "Hey! Son of a bitch!"
  • "Hey! Ah, you son of a..."
  • "Hey! Calm yourself! This is a high security..."
  • "You need to exit the room, sir."
  • "Exit the room, Mr. Park."
  • "I'm doing my best to avoid unpleasantness."
  • "Keep moving and eyes on the floor until you're at the terminal."
  • "On the floor! Down! Hands where I can see 'em!"
  • "He said "yes", Mr. Blaire."
  • "That's what I heard, Mr. Blaire."
  • "Gladly."
  • "Whoa! Fuck you!"
  • "Bad idea. We get out of here through reception and let Murk Tactical clean it up."
  • "We don't even know if the radio works."
  • "Murkoff has it under control."
  • "Outside help doesn't come without outside attention. You want responsibility for every legally shaky thing you did on the Murkoff company payroll? I know I don't."
  • "You're scared. You're not thinking straight. Let me make something clear. You try to radio outside for help, I'm gonna give you a whole new something to be scared of."
  • "Yes."
  • "I made it. I think it's safe. Can you climb up?"
  • "I'm coming, Cooper! I just have to lock the...there, I'm coming! Hold on."
  • "Please..."
  • "Are you there? You said..."
  • "Go away! This is my place."
  • "You're gonna get me killed. Fuck off!"
  • "Turn it off! Shut down the gas, please, I can't..."
  • "The doctor told me once that if you showed a caveman our technology, he would think it was magic. And if you showed a modern man magic, he would think it's technology."
  • "We have faith in all the wrong things. And it will destroy us."
  • "Oh, God! One of them is coming! It's not even human anymore. Block it! Shut it in!"

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