• The films are real.
  • None.
  • Yes, the autopsies revealed that the tumors were pure lead.
  • I have my theories. My homeland in those years... it's impossible to understand. The things we felt. What we believed. The overwhelming fear, extatic rage, and... English words are insufficient. More than hope. A human mind in that environment is capable of extraordinary things.
  • A proximity to death, to overwhelming madness. Only a test subject who had witnessed enough horror was capable of activating the engine.
  • No.
  • Nothing is supernatural.
  • Is somebody there?
  • Has somebody survived? Come closer.
  • Please, talk to me, before he kills you, too.
  • Over here! Please, I must try to explain.
  • I promise you, I'm trying to help.
  • I know, I-I, I know, I am supposed to be dead. No, no such luck. I am older than sin, but, somehow, the only one left. Because of Billy.
  • He takes care of me. He may think I'm his father. He certainly loves me, the poor idiot.
  • Do you know what this symbol represents?
  • It warns of a nanohazard. Microscopic machines, technology we have had for decades, but never mastered.
  • Murkoff discovered, in my research, a work-a-round.
  • Turning the cells of human bodies into nanofactories. It's the natural function of cells to produce molecules, but through psychosomatic direction, we engineered the precise molecules necessary. Mind over body.
  • It was foolish and wrong to think we could control it. To use mad men to control something so strong.
  • You have to stop him, to murder Billy. Turn off his life support, his anesthesia. You have to undo what I've done.
  • No one can get out of this place while he lives. You must kill him.
  • We achieved something like this in 1944. Those fascists thought it was spirits, and I let them believe it. Let them kill themselves thinking there was some kind of afterlife now empirically promised to them. Fools.
  • Poor Alan. He would weep to see what I've built from his dreams.
  • Billy doesn't mean harm. He's a child with a damaged mind, granted the powers of a God. It would make any of us into a monster.
  • You must end this. We all must die here.
  • Murkoff knew the dangers, and they didn't care. in the corporation's mind, we are all just dollar amounts in a ledger. And the profits Project Walrider promised overshadowed whatever pitiful balance a few doctors and patients amounted to.
  • He will spread if you don't stop him. The Morphogenic Engine is self-perpetuating. I pray to god you have the strength to end it here with you death.
  • More than anything I want to rest. Billy will not let me die. He could never imagine how cruel this is. I only want to die.
  • Gott im Himmel. You have become the host.

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