Resignation of Waylon Park is the first document in Outlast: Whistleblower.

It is located in a room to the right of the plastic-covered region that doctors run through in Hospital.


Resignation of Waylon Park

Subject: Resignation for Mental Health, CC 8208

Ms. Grant,

You may receive requests for information from a Mrs. Lisa Park, of Leadville, CO, in the coming weeks concerning the resignation and hospitalization of her husband, Waylon. If so, please forward them to my personal attention.

Waylon Park (Former consulting contract 8208) resigned due to previously undiagnosed mental illness. I personally visited Mrs. Lisa Park and her sons and broke the news to them, with the "silver lining" that Murkoff Psychiatric would be graciously providing treatment. Mrs. Park had some less than charitable things to say about myself and the Murkoff corporation. I assured her that with her power of attorney she could try to fight the doctors' diagnoses of her husband's illness.

However, if it were discovered that he resigned under false pretenses, his insurance would be cancelled and the family would be saddled with not insignificant healthcare debts.

Hopefully she understood. But if she insists on making a nuisance of herself, or tries to get around me, please let me know. This is one I want to take care of personally.

Jeremy Blaire"