Recordings has other uses. Please see Recordings (Disambiguation) for other meanings. 

Recordings serve as Blake Langermann's documented footage and video evidence of his ordeals while exploring Temple Gate in search for his wife. The camcorder must be out and recording in order to obtain the collectibles. Once the player finds a place or an object of interest, the camera's HUD will display a recording icon in the upper area, its duration and a continuing red circle across the screen to indicate the time until completion. Once finished, the footage can be played back with Blake's commentary. If the play misses any recordings, they will be displayed with an empty file icon in their inventory. All recordings within the school areas will have muffled sound and static screen with an occasional Murkoff logo appearing in the background for a split second. However, if these videos are played backwards, they reveal Loutermilch's hidden messages to Blake. There are a total of 50 recordings found in Outlast 2. This system replaced notes from previous games.

List of Recordings


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