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Prison is the fourth chapter in Outlast: Whistleblower.


Waylon continues on his way to find the short-wave radio, mentioned by some security guards in the Hospital. Entering a security room, Waylon finds the radio. Dialing Leadville's police service, he is about to speak, when Jeremy Blaire appears, beats Waylon with a baton, and destroys the radio beyond usage.

Tackling Waylon, and beginning to choke him with the baton, Jeremy gets off as he hears Chris Walker screaming and bashing a door nearby. Jeremy exclaims, "Do me a favor and die here, Park," before running. Evading Chris, Waylon makes his way down several hallways, and squeezes through a tight gap, impassible by Chris. A warning is then aired over the speakers throughout the asylum to evacuate due to the Variant outbreak. As a reference to the original events in Outlast, Waylon passes Father Martin writing a message seen later by Miles Upshur, saying, "Down the drain".

Going through the same hole that Miles later would, Waylon enters a hallway, with a closed airlock. Rather than Miles' action of opening it, Waylon goes past it, then sees two guards who mistake Waylon for a variant and block him in. After entering another hallway, Chris resumes his pursuit of Waylon, until Waylon reaches a window, jumps out, and lands on a shed roof, and then down onto the Drying Ground.

Video Walkthrough

Outlast Whistleblower Walkthrough Part 4 Prison No Commentary03:49

Outlast Whistleblower Walkthrough Part 4 Prison No Commentary

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