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 The Whistleblower has other uses. Please see The Whistleblower (Disambiguation) for other meanings. 

Outlast: Whistleblower
Whistleblower promo
Developer(s) Red Barrels Games
Publisher(s) Red Barrels Games
Designer(s) Philippe Morin and David Chateauneuf
Writer(s) J. T. Petty
Engine Unreal Engine 3.5
Release(d) Windows
May 6, 2014 (Worldwide)
PlayStation 4
NA May 6, 2014
EU May 7, 2014
Genre(s) Survival horror
Mode(s) Single-player
Ratings PEGI 18, ESRB M
  • Blood
  • Intense Violence
  • Nudity
  • Sexual Themes
  • Strong Language
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
Input Gamepad, keyboard and mouse
Media Digital download (Via Steam and PSN store)
System Requirements

[System Requirements]

Outlast: Whistleblower (also known as Outlast: Story DLC) is an upcoming psychological horror video game DLC (Downloadable content) for Outlast, currently being developed and will be published by Red Barrels Games on May 6th, 2014. It is the prequel to Outlast, revealing the reasons of the Mount Massive Asylum outbreak. It will also show the true ending to the asylum after Miles' (implied) death. It will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC on May 6th, 2014.


As in Outlast player will have only access to his camcorder, batteries, documents, and possibly to notes.


"Whistleblower will let you play as Waylon Park, a software engineer under contract with Murkoff and the man who emailed journalists around the world - including Miles - at the beginning of Outlast. Spending a couple of weeks at Mount Massive, during which he was unable to even talk to his wife and son in Boulder thanks to strict security protocols, Waylon developed a deep-seated distrust of the profit-motivated scientists and doctors leading dangerous and irresponsible experiments on their patients. Identifying with those poor souls fueled Waylon's anger, and set the stage for his unmasking of Mount Massive's rotten core.

Although Whistleblower tells the story that led to Outlast, it will actually stretch past the events of the first game to show the final chapter in Mount Massive Asylum's story."

-Description given by Red Barrels.


  • Samuel Laflamme, composer for Outlast, is also doing the OST for The Whistleblower.
  • The reveal post spells the protagonist's name as both "Waylon" and "Weylon".


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