When Miles enters the Administration Block's library and discovers Stephenson on the brink of death.

  • Stephenson:"They killed us. They got out. The Variants."
  • Stephenson:"You can't fight them. You have to hide."
  • Stephenson:"...Can unlock the main doors from Security Control."
  • Stephenson:"You have to get the fuck out of this terrible place."

After the PMCs gun down Miles.

  • "Jesus Christ, what is that thing?!"
  • "Fall back! Fall back!"

Outlast: Whistleblower

When Waylon enters the Male Ward and spots three officers examining Trager's corpse and discussing his death.

  • Tactical Operator 1"Is he dead?"
  • Tactical Operator 2: "You wanna check his pulse?"
  • Tactical Operator 1: "Uh... Let's just say he's dead."
  • Tactical Operator 2: "Yeah... What kind of sick fuck would do this to somebody? Even took his damn pants."
  • Tactical Operator 1"Tell you one thing: I've seen more than enough dick and balls tonight to last me a lifetime."
  • Tactical Operator 2: "And not all of them attached to a man. Let's wrap this up and get back to the truck."
  • Tactical Operator 1: "Amen."

As Waylon evades the tactical officers, he overhears an officer giving the team permission to shoot anything that moves.

  • "All teams authorized for deadly force. Repeat, all teams deadly force. Kill anything that moves!"

The team being slaughtered by the Walrider radio for help, and the team in the Male Ward make their way there.

  • "Multiple officers down in sub-basement! Unknown assailant. We need EVAC, and paramedics."
  • "Backup! We need help! Basement laboratory. Some... some... THING!"
  • "No. No! God! NOOOO!"
  • "Copy that. Incoming."
  • "We're coming. Hold on."

Various transmissions from the teams can be heard as Waylon passes through the Male Ward.


  • "Team leader Stephenson is down!"
  • "I need immediate EVAC."
  • "He's... He's on a spit!"
  • "Oh, Jesus!"
  • "Daniels is down! Fall back! Fall back! Requesting immediate heavy backup! Requesting paramedics! We need..."

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