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Marta[1] is an antagonist in Outlast 2. She is a member of the Testament of the New Ezekiel.


Marta seems to be a high-ranking enforcer of the Testament of New Ezekiel, as she is universally feared throughout the town and visits the one sane resident of Temple Gate to viciously slay him. She is encountered countless times throughout the game by Blake, narrowly killing him almost every time. In the final section of the game, she chases Blake and an in-labor Lynn through a violent thunderstorm, and is right on the verge of slaughtering them both. However, the storm rips off the roof of the building they are in, also detaching a metal cross from the roof which plummets down onto Marta, impaling her through the stomach and instantly killing her. 


Marta is an inhumanly tall, lanky woman with a gaunt inflection, pasty skin, black stringy hair, and black robes draped on her like rags. She wields a crudely made pick-axe with a fiery orange glow.


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