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Lynn Langermann is an investigative journalist and the wife of Blake Langermann. Lynn, alongside her husband, go to investigate the murder of a Jane Doe, who was found eight months pregnant on the side of the road. Their trail leads them to the Arizona desert. Since the area is not accessible by road, the two take a chopper which ends up crashing in a narrow ravine from unspecified complications.


  • "Here, let me try a version that can serve as intro for the whole piece."
  • "Tell me when we are good."
  • "Two weeks ago a young woman was found wandering, barefoot, pregnant, and alone on a barren stretch of highway a hundred miles from the nearest...."
  • "Oh..."
  • "The fuck?"
  • "Did you see that?"

Lynn screaming with undistinguishable dialogue in the background of Blake and the pilot.


  • Due to some inconsistencies at the time of Outlast 2's demo showcase, different developers have independently stated that Lynn's either Blake's girlfriend or wife. This was later clarified by a Twitter post from one of the developers.[1]



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