• Mary?
  • Knoth?
  • Who's there? Who are you?
  • The outsider...
  • The father.
  • Kill me. You have to kill me.
  • Knoth is coming back. With Mary. He'll hurt her and I'll talk.
  • If you kill me he won't have a reason to hurt her. Please...
  • Mary? Oh. God...
  • Let her go! Oh god Mary, I'm sorry. I didn't want...
  • I can't. I can't.
  • Strength in the rebellious angel. For the child unborn. I have no fear. Strength in the rebellious angel. I have no fear.
  • Strength. Enemy of my enemy. Enemy of my enemy. Enemy of my enemy. Enemy of my enemy.
  • RAHHH! ... Stop! Oh god, please! Stop! Stop! I'll talk! I'll... tell you!
  • I'm sorry, Mary. I'm so sorry.
  • The mines. Up the mountain. Val has her in the mines.
  • You'll never get her back! Not before the birth!
  • The world will die screaming.
  • Your God in all his arrogance will...

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