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Jessica Gray, also known as Jess, is a character who appears in Outlast 2. She was a student at a parochial school along with Blake Langermann and Lynn until she committed suicide by hanging herself.


As Blake is roaming the halls of the abandoned school building, he comes across Jessica's locker that is found open and contains a music box, books, pictures, award ribbons, and a note in which her and Lynn have the following discussion:

(Jessica) Hey Lynn, I'm booooooored. Mr. Combover's still talking about the 30 years war... Blah Blah Blah HAPSBURGS!!! Blah Blah.
Anyway, I'm not riding home with you today because I've got journal but I'll call you when I get home, OKAY?
(Lynn) Sup Jess! Combover's the worst. His Nasal Spray totally makes me want to puke!
Journal HUH? Are you doing journal because you want to expose the dark truth behind the St. Ambrose Field hockey team?
Your dad is forcing you?
You have a big sloppy crush on Blake!!
(Jessica) Shut up, BITCH!!! Also, we should replace Combover's nasal spray with hot sauce. Also, REALLY, SHUT UP!

As Blake progresses through the school, Jessica's screams can be heard. He follows the scream, only to find Jessica's hanging body at the end of the hallway. As he approaches, her body is consumed by an unknown entity into the ceiling.


  • "Now the light has gone away;"
  • "Saviour, listen while I pray,"
  • "Begging Thee to watch and keep"
  • "And send me quietly to sleep."
  • "Watchful Savior, wash away,"
  • "All that has been wrong today;"
  • "Help me every day to be,"
  • "Gentle, gentle, more like Thee."
  • "Let my near and dear ones be,"
  • "Always near and dear to Thee."
  • "Oh, bring me and all I love,"
  • "To your eternal home above."
  • "Where are you?"
  • "I am scared."
  • "Please Blake."
  • "Don't let this happen."
  • "We are not alone here."
  • "Please...."
  • "I am sorry Father Loutermilch."


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