God and Family is a document in Outlast: Whistleblower.

It is located in a chapel behind the desk after escaping the morgue furnace in the Hospital.


God and Family

"(Excerpt from the recordings of Doctor Bruce Newhouse, MD. Employed by Mount Massive Hospital 1958-1965)

Father Clarke--

Far be it from me to lie to a man of God, so let me at least say that I will do my personal best to improve the safety of your working conditions. I and the rest of the staff truly appreciate everything you do for our patients, and if you feel threatened by anybody in particular, simply let us know and we can either increase chemical restraints, or administer a lobotomy or similar calming procedure.

Don't underestimate the contribution your sermons offer our patients. Especially considering the depth and necessarily chaotic nature of hypnotherapy, our patients need the bedrocks of God and family. Not all of our poor unfortunates have the families to call upon, and so the burden, (and calling,) is yours. We are all of us relying on your faith and hard work.

Dr. Newhouse, MD
May 20, 1961"