"The meat is mine."
―Frank claiming ownership of Waylon's flesh

Frank Antonio Manera is the tertiary antagonist in Outlast: Whistleblower.


Manera was a part of Project Walrider. His first patient consultation was November 1, 2010, and by August 29, 2012, he had dropped from 228 lbs to 155. In his patient report, it is noted that by 8/29/12, he was "lethargic and largely non-responsive, exhibiting interest only in hypnotherapy script pattern 9 (Wernicke), concerning drinking blood from the chest of sleeping men", which could hint at his cannibalistic ways even before The Walrider's break out. He also refused baths and other attentions from the barber apart from anesthesia, stating, "if I cannot partake, I cannot share."

His patient documents also mention that "forced nutrition" would be recommended for Manera if they could not find something he "likes to eat" (yet another nod towards his cannibalistic ways; he would not eat because he craved humans).

Outlast: Whistleblower

Frank Manera is the first Variant encountered in the DLC, wandering around the asylum, attacking Waylon if spotted. He is equipped with an electric buzzsaw, and will constantly activate it, making the whirring of the saw easily heard when he is nearby. He resorts to cannibalism, evidenced by him shouting about being fed and actually eating patients and staff.

While Waylon is walking through a morgue, Frank manages to restrain Waylon and pin him to a morgue table. He activates his buzzsaw and is right about to cut into Waylon's neck just before noticing the cremation furnaces nearby. Frank then instead decides to attempt to kill Waylon by throwing him in one of the furnaces, turning it on and locking him inside. Before the flames do any damage, Waylon escapes the furnace by bashing out a weak brick wall.

After this, Waylon must still stealthily avoid Frank. Once Waylon leaves the area, Frank is seen screaming out of the window near Waylon's escape route, about Waylon being "his", then leaves, and is never seen again.


Manera has a single goal in his life, which is to devour the flesh of humans. He sees humans as nothing more than beings of meat for him to eat, (only calling Waylon "meat") but he states that he "loves" a dead corpse before engulfing it like a rabid animal, as well as calling Waylon "gorgeous", showing he is very passionate about his food.

Physical description

Manera appears as a pale malnourished man with long brown stringy hair bleeding into his savage beard. He is completely nude excluding a very small pair of orange underpants, but this is covered up by his victims' blood not only splattering him, but almost absolutely encasing him. Strange symbols are brutally sliced into his chest and stomach, which are also covered in tattoos.


  • In a pre-release screenshot, Frank is seen devouring an already mutilated corpse.
  • In a pre-release screenshot, Frank appears near one of the locked gates in the Recreation Area.


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