• Father to the beast.
  • I'll bleed you in the yard.
  • Consume the flesh and spice it well. Let the bones be burned.
  • Woe to the bloody city!
  • Her scum shall be in the fire.
  • Ye shall know!
  • These are my judgements onto ye!
  • Cut.
  • Flesh hooks.
  • Bleed her.
  • Apostates.
  • Heretics.
  • Blinded, burnt.
  • Children. All of them.
  • I seen him!
  • I will profane my sanctuary!
  • The princes of Babylon shall clothe themselves with trembling.
  • They shall sit upon the ground.
  • They shall be astonished at thee.
  • ... Fellate Judas.
  • Hey.
  • In marrow.
  • I will cause the noise of thy songs to cease.
  • There.
  • The outsider.
  • Slit eye. A knife's seed.
  • Thou shalt be a place to spread nets upon.
  • Thou shalt be built no more.

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