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Chris Walker
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Known As:

Big Fucking Guy
The Soldier

First appearance:

Administration Block

Last appearance:





September 18th, 2013

Cause of Death:

Decimated by William Hope's Walrider








Everyone in the asylum.




6'8" (207 cm)





Notable facts:

Recurring antagonist in Outlast
Self-proclaimed guardian of Mount Massive Asylum

Voice actor(s):

Chimwemwe Miller

"You were here, weren't you? Little pig. I'll find all of you whores."
―Chris Walker

Chris L. Walker is the secondary antagonist of Outlast. He is a recurring and very large Variant that pursues Miles Upshur relentlessly, and who is considerably larger and stronger than any other inmate.


A document states that Walker's "predominant fixation... is a manic exaggeration of military security protocol". He claims the flesh ripped from his forehead allows for a truer vision, much like the Lizards and their third eye. The removal of his nose and lips was a result of self-mutilation due to extreme anxiety.

He is responsible for the deaths of various people inside the asylum, security guards and patients alike, possibly in an attempt to contain The Walrider, which Father Martin is trying to set loose upon the world. A note reveals that before being admitted into Mount Massive Asylum, Walker was ex-military police, as well as having toured Afghanistan several times.


Walker possesses superhuman strength, able to easily pick up a fully grown man with one hand, and even being able to tear someone's head from their body. He is also surprisingly athletic for his size, running almost as fast as Miles and being able to leap over obstacles to get to him. Although he is very large and burly, he holds a certain level of intelligence, being able to track down Miles in the darkness by listening for him, or checking lockers to see if he's hiding inside them. He also seems to display at least a limited awareness of what's happening at the asylum. Walker also seems to keep trophies of his victims as many heads are seen in the room where the Murkoff PMC is found in, not to mention his obsession with removing heads from his victims.



Miles has his first encounter with Walker in a corridor above the main hall, where he suddenly appears behind him and throws him through a window into the atrium in attempt to kill him. There, Miles meets with Father Martin for the first time. Walker is seen in various points from then on throughout the game, tracking down Miles so he can finally kill him. Near the ending of the game, Walker makes his last appearance under the asylum in the Underground Lab. There, he catches Miles who is currently being chased by The Walrider. However, just before he is able to kill Miles, Walker is ambushed by The Walrider, who brutally slams Walker into the nearby walls and then gruesomely kills Walker, using a vent to literally "grind" him.

Outlast: Whistleblower

Walker makes a minor appearance in the Prison Block. After Jeremy hears Chris screaming and bashing a door nearby, Jeremy exclaims, "Do me a favor and die here, Park", before running away. Evading Chris, Waylon then makes his way down several hallways, and squeezes through a tight gap, impassible by Walker. Making his way further on through the prison block, passing Father Martin who is painting "Down the drain" on the wall for Miles which reads "Down the Drain" and Waylon heads further down the Prison Block, trying to find a way to the Administration Block to escape. Just as Waylon finds his way through a dark corridor, Walker re-appears behind Park and chases him. Waylon makes his way down the corridor's and jumps through a window. After this encounter, Walker is not seen again.


Walker is insanely obsessed with security protocol and will go on mass murderous treks just to do what's for the greater good. His fixation on containment likely originates from his military background, and after comprehending the situation of the slaughter, begins to kill everyone in sight in order to make sure there is no host for the Walrider to possess. Despite being an extremely violent and lumbering brute, Walker's dialogue reveals that he is somewhat calm, level-headed, and truly wants to help the situation, stating he must defeat the Walrider before it reaches the local town and telling Miles he only wants to help. Either way, his unstable mumbling and mania to rip off and collect heads proves he is acutely insane.

Physical description

Walker's appearance walks a line between overweight and extremely muscular, the former showing in his bloated stretch mark littered stomach and the latter showing in Walker's massively powerful arms and legs. Walker possesses mostly white eyes, is completely bald like most Variants, and has his forehead skin and nose ripped off. Documents reveal Walker performed these mutilations on himself to give him "truer vision". Walker lacks a shirt and only dons a burlap pair of pants, brown combat boots, and has his wrists and ankles wrapped in chains, all gorily splattered in blood.


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  • If the player manages to catch up to Chris while he's stalking the corridor, Walker will not respond to Miles' presence and proceed to room A 205, locking the door behind him, preventing the player from entering, as this is a scripted event which cannot be disrupted.
  • During the second chase sequence in Prison, Chris will cease any further action, after Waylon jumps over the last hospital bed. If he is approached, Walker will either despawn or hit the player. By entering and exiting a nearby locker, the chase sequence can be restarted. This is due to Walker not having a patrolling pattern coded for this section if he loses sight of Waylon.
  • Although he's not blind, Walker's eyes are mostly white, covered with a white layer. This is most likely due to the experimentation that was conducted on him.
  • In the first demo, Walker's appearance is slightly different from the final version.
  • In the first demo, a glitch can occur while Chris pursues Miles. If Walker gets caught on one of the corners in the hallway, he will get stuck and stay that way, until Miles passes by him. At that point, Walker will resume chasing Miles.
  • One of the most noticeable differences between Chris Walker's demo version from the full game is the fact that the skin on his forehead that he claims gives him "truer vision" is still very much intact.
  • The image frequently used to advertise Outlast shows Chris' demo character model.
  • Chris Walker and The Walrider have the same height of 2.07 meters.


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