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Blake Langermann[2] is the unseen protagonist of Outlast 2 and the first with a speaking role in the overall series. Together with his wife Lynn, they go to investigate a desert cult village, with Blake acting as the cameraman and Lynn presumably as a reporter.


Blake is a well-built adult man with fair skin. Although his face is never seen, he wears glasses to correct his sight disorder (possibly myopia). Langermann sports a green rolled up, zipped jacket with a light grey hoodie, where he stores his batteries for camcorder and bandages for healing himself, an analog watch around his left wrist, dark tan pants and black boots. At some point in the game Blake is crucified with hammer and nails, in a similar manner to Jesus Christ, leaving holes in both of his hands which are then covered by bandages.


While not much is known at this time, Blake is capable of athletic feats similarly to Miles Upshur and Waylon Park, from maneuvering across obstacles to escaping from fast enemies. He is also able to slide while running. While he lacks the stamina when compared to Miles and Waylon because of becoming exhausted faster, he can seemingly run faster than both of them. He seems to be capable of holding his breath for a decent time underwater and flexible enough to hide within a small barrel. Blake can restore his health by bandaging his wounds. This, however, takes a few seconds and can be disrupted by nearby enemies.




  • "Okay, we're good"
  • "We lost the engine. Fuck. Fuck!"
  • "Lynn? Lynn?! Lynn?! LYNN!"
  • "Hello? I'm lost... and hurt."
  • "Is anybody there? Please!"
  • "Who's...?"
  • "Jesus. Lynn, no!"
  • "Oh, God..."
  • "Jessica?...and Lynn?...when we were...."
  • "This was Jessica's."



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