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 Billy Hope has other uses. Please see Billy Hope (Disambiguation) for other meanings. 

William P. "Billy" Hope is the quaternary antagonist of Outlast and The Walrider's first host.



William Hope was the first host of The Walrider, and would be his only physically restrained host. He might believe that Rudolf Wernicke is his father, as he's kept him alive through the powers of The Walrider. He can be seen at the end of the game in the Underground Lab. He's in a sphere, presumably glass, with many tubes and instruments running into and out of his body. He's being kept alive by a large reservoir, filled with various chemicals, and is constantly being kept in a lucid dream state, in order to work as efficiently as possible with The Walrider. The large machine hosting the entire process, the Morphogenic Engine, is present feet away from his sphere. After Miles kills Billy by stopping the flow of fluids from the reservoir and turns off power to his machine, he bleeds out inside the machine rapidly. The Walrider then leaves Billy's corpse, and Miles becomes the new host.

Outlast: Whistleblower

While Andrew was torturing Waylon Park with the Morphogenic therapy, one of his assistants informed him that Billy Hope had reached "lateral ascension" with the project.


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