Beyond Hope is a document in Outlast: Whistleblower.

It is located in an office to the left of a bed blocking a doorway in the Exit.


Beyond Hope

"From: Helen Granat
Subject: Rudolf Wernicke Phase-Out

Dear Sirs,

The ground work has been laid to ensure an uneventful egress for Rudolf Wernicke from structural and financial systems at Mount Massive. His advanced age should alleviate any suspicions among contractors and employees, (among whom he has been cheerfully nicknamed "The Crypt Keeper,") and legally speaking he died years ago.

I understand patients 14306-8, 14279-1, and 14868-1 have already been scheduled for transit. We're all terribly excited at the obvious profit potential of the new project. My researchers have combed through Wernicke's files and found no mention of the three "lucid dreamers." I think we can safely assume Wernicke was sufficiently distracted by the partial success of the patient Billy Hope (along with his own infirmity), to be ignorant of the real discovery at hand.

Even minimal exploitation of these resources is hard to overestimate. I only hope the new facility is sufficiently shielded to allow female staff, so I can see what comes with my own eyes.

Helen Granat
Murkoff Legal Mitigation Dept."