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Can we kill anyone in out last series

I don't know
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So where do you think Waylon Park and other whistleblowers are hiding?
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Walrider in Outlast 2 Theory

As we know, the new Walrider, Miles, went destroying the Mount Massive Asylumn therefore to destroy Murkoff. We know too that Chris Walker died in September 18th 2013, and Marta, or Knoth's Eye, died in 2013 too, so we can supose that she died in september 18th or 19th, etc, same time as Chris.
My theory is that that explosion in the end was Miles, or The Walrider, destroying that Murkoff's tower that was doing those brainwashes to the village.
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Outlast graphics

Between outlast/whistleblower and outlast 2 which texture design (characters, death animations, building designs, gore ETC...) of the game between the two has the most scariest looking textures? And do you think if a new outlast were to be developed it should look like the first outlast?
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Simon Peacock

Anyone know what happened to him after Whistle blower I've played all games and read the comics but its never explained how he became a zombie like creature.....
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Outlast 3?

I'm curious as to what you guys think Outlast 3 should be about. I have several thoughts and ideas, but I want to hear what you think. ☺
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What are your 2 favourite characters from all the outlast games

L fink Chris walker and mater
Because 1 there hard to get past 2 because there a most everywhere and 3 because there come out of no where
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Scariest Villain and why

Tell about 2 villains from outlast and outlast whisleblower that you think the most scariest or difficult to pass ...and why
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Dr. "Rick" Trager

In my opinion I think Dr.Trager is one of the nicest villains you'll meet in a horror game. Yeah he does cut your fingers off and teases you with the exit door but when I say 'nicest' I mean like when the times he calls you,"Buddy" and the jokes he makes when you escape him. My personal favourite is,"I should of cut his feet first." I hope im not the only one who thinks this.
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Annoying Enemies

Which enemies are the most annoying such as the twins,the villagers(testament),scalled,heretics,Eddie.
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Which is your favorite part in outlast and outlast whistleblower?

In outlast my favorite part was the basement part cuz when i played outlast for the first time the basement part was really scary. In whistleblower i just love the groom
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Is murkoff connected to outlast 2

Do you think that was them flashing that giant light in the sky
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Who do you think the most evil villain in all of Outlast is? I’m only considering the more prominent characters and not the generic Variants/Culists from Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower, The Murkoff Account, and Outlast II.

The list:
- Chris Walker
- Richard Trager
- The Twins
- Rudolf Wernicke
- The WALRIDER/ Billy Hope
- Jeremy Blaire
- Eddie Gluskin
- Frank Manera
- Simon Peacock
- Sullivan Knoth
- Father Loutermilch
- Nick and Laird
- Val

My personal opinion is Loutermilch or Blaire, mostly because they’re not insane and have not been exposed to the Morphogenic Engine and are fully aware of their actions.
Trager was considered because he’s somewhat aware of the fact that he’s killing people but because of his time in the Engine, he didn’t make it.
The WALRIDER was harder to place because Billy may have also been aware of the destruction he caused but we don’t know for sure.
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Chris Walker

Do you guys think Chris Walker is a bad guy or just upset that he does not have his little piggy?
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Do you think RedBarell team will make a Outlast2 DLC or the Outlast 3?

I think they will make a Outlast 3 bcz Outlast 2 didnt made a huge sucsess and people generaly didnt liked a story.
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Outlast 3 plot?

Where might the next Outlast plot take place? Well, what would make a good scenery for the next one? Annnnnnd, would it connect to the first and second one. The second one connected to the first one but it kinda feels like theres some stuff missing from the plot and back story within the second one.
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Was Simon Peacock a host for the walrider ?

i read in the comics that Simon Peacock was like Billy hope he can transformation to walrider
but how many pepole become the host for the walrider ? Billy one and Simon the other ?
if anyone know what happend please tell me
and what about the ant is the walrider take a shape like the ants ?! and he died on his house ( Billy Walrider )
so who destroyed the towers ?
hoping find answers
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Outlast 2 System Requirements

What kind of components I need to play outlast 2?
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Funny Eddie Gluskin Glitch

I Was terrified by the chasing and dialogue and music so i ran through the place until suddenly then i was just standing literally waiting for eddie and he still hasn't came so i came to eddie stuff on a chair and omg 😂
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Should I purchase Outlast II?

I absolutely loved Outlast and the DLC for it, but I've seen gameplay for Outlast II and it looked like it didn't give the player any guidance on where to go and relied mostly on gore. Please give me your opinion as I don't want to waste my money on this game.
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